Starbucks Drip-Coffee Price Just Climbed Higher

Now it’s not just the cup that’s Tall.

Bad news for frugal coffee drinkers who deny themselves all those fancy Starbucks drinks – those luxurious lattes and Nitros, cold brews, mochas and Frappucinos – and humbly stick to the caffeine peddler’s brewed coffee in the interest of saving money: The cost of your Tall regular coffee just climbed a little bit taller.

Last week, Starbucks hoisted the price of its drip coffee by about 10 to 20 cents at most of its locations across the country, the Wall Street Journal reported.

That means that the 12-ounce brewed coffee you rely on to get going in the morning will now set you back $1.95 to $2.15 – definitely an eye opener.

Meanwhile, the price of the aforementioned fancy drinks? They’re staying put.

Starbucks has raised overall prices about 1 to 2 percent over the past year, which, a spokewoman told USA Today, are consistent with industry practice and "in line with food-away-from-home inflation, which is 2.2% to 2.4%." She also said the price hikes were necessary "to run our business profitably" and had nothing to do with the chain’s decision to close its store for one afternoon in late May for employee training.

I guess people wondered about that. But mostly, judging from Twitter, they seem to be wondering if paying so much for a cup of coffee is worth it.

One Twitter user informed Starbucks that he was "not happy about the price increase" of his cup of coffee and planned to visit the chain less frequently.

Another asked, pointedly, "At what point do we stop buying over priced coffee and start brewing our own at home?"

Good question! And if you’re a coffee-making rookie, hey, maybe this will help.

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