Amazon Is Launching a Ton of New Alexa Products

Including one made for your kitchen.

September 27, 2018

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If you haven't hopped on voice product train, now might be your chance. This week, Amazon announced a slew of brand new Alexa-enabled products — including a microwave.

Amazon's first foray into kitchen applainces is the AmazonBasics Microwave. For just $60, you don't have to fuss with any of the buttons at all. Just place your package of frozen peas in the oven and tell Alexa to go. Plus, no microwave experience is complete without popcorn. This microwave comes with an auto popcorn replenishment feature so you can order popcorn using an Amazon Dash button whenever you're running low.

Not sure you actually need a microwave right now? The Echo Dot, Amazon's most popular voice product got a makeover with a fabric exterior in three new colors. Plus, you can get access to your favorite Food Network recipes on Amazon Echo products. Just say "Alexa, enable Food Network skill" to get started.

For more information on Food Network on Amazon Echo, click here.

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