Best 5 Pound Cake Recipes

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Towering layers and ornate decorations may add an air of elegance to special occasion cakes, but for everyday indulgences as well as crowd-pleasing summertime get-togethers, tried-and-true pound cakes are a go-to dessert. The most-traditional recipes feature little more than butter, flour and sugar, but they can be dressed with rich cocoa, fresh citrus and creamy buttermilk. Read on below to get Food Network's top-five pound cake recipes, and get sweet inspiration from Ina Garten, Trisha Yearwood, Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Food Network Kitchen.

5.  Honey-Vanilla Pound Cake — A squeeze of honey adds subtle sweetness to Ina's fuss-free pound treat, made with cake flour to guarantee a more delicate finished product.

4.  Chocolate Pound Cake — Buttery and decadent, Trisha's cocoa-laced pound cake is a crowd-pleasing favorite that's best served with cool vanilla ice cream.

3.  Buttermilk Pound Cake — Alton's simple pound cake comes together with just a handful of ingredients, including tangy buttermilk, which promises moist results.

2.  Ricotta-Orange Pound Cake with Strawberries — Fragrant orange zest complements the almond flavor of the amaretto liqueur in Giada's impressive dessert, featuring a scoop of ricotta cheese for richness. Top the dish with sweetened strawberries for a fresh finish.

1.  Classic Pound Cake — A big-batch treat that's easy to prepare, Food Network Kitchen's recipe for pound cake (pictured above) yields two loaves, so serve one now and freeze the other for a ready-to-go dessert later on.

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