8 of the Best Fall Desserts Ever

Enjoy the seasonal flavors of pumpkin, apple and warm spices in each bite.

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I'm of two minds when it comes to dessert: delicious but not crazy-sweet and downright decadent. When my kids were small, I tried to keep after-dinner treats on the not-too-sweet side, but as they get bigger, I find that we’re getting more French about dessert. These days, we’ll usually make an all-out, full-sugar, loaded-with-butter treat that’s so satisfying we all wish we had room for more. With both ideas in mind, I bring you my family’s favorite sweets of the season, a mix of made-over ideas and indulgent picks.

Just Sweet Enough

Use whole-wheat flour or regular AP, but trust me when I say you’ll never notice the difference with all the fruit inside. These beauties are brimming with apples, cranberries, raisins and pecans.

This family favorite is so easy to make that my kids have been lending a hand since they were all toddlers. Bonus: You can fill your tarts with any combination of dried fruit or jam.

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If you’ve never had a baked apple, stop everything and go turn on the oven now. You won’t believe how five simple ingredients swirl together to create a dessert that’s all at once soft, crisp, sweet and spiced with every bite.

Take all the sweetness of maple syrup, combine a little applesauce with cinnamon, then sandwich the whole thing around a cloud of pillowy cream cheese frosting.

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Downright Decadent

Ree Drummond’s masterpiece combines a traditional apple pie and a thick layer of warm caramel to create the ultimate fall dessert.

This is what happens when you blend two of the best flavors of fall. Trust me here.



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Kana Okada

These are just the most delicious way to use extra Halloween candy — before or after October 31!

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Moist and flavorful, this classic recipe delivers dependable results every time.



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Con Poulos

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