This Is the Best Burger for Summer Grilling

You’ll be making these all season long!

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Burgers are a summertime staple, but grilling the perfect one is an art form. That’s why so many Food Network fans rely on Bobby Flay’s recipe for the Perfect Burger to ensure they get it right every time. The ingredient list is simple: ground chuck (seasoned with S+P), canola oil for the grill, cheese and buns. That’s it. The trick is making sure you follow Bobby’s directions.

Cardinal rule number one for grilling the best burger is shaping it. You don’t want to overwork the meat as this could lead to tough patties. Loosely portion your meat into 3/4-inch patties with a deep indentation in the middle. This will make sure the burger plumps up without looking like a football.

Next step is to make sure you’re flipping the burger when it’s ready. The patties should release pretty easily from the grill. If they stick, give them some more time. And whatever you do, don’t press down on the burger after you flip it. You’ll release all the juices from the patty that make for a perfectly flavored burger.

If you’re opting for a cheese, add slices in the last minute of cooking and cover the grill to melt. Then finish the burger off with toppings of your choice. Need inspo? Check out 50 topping ideas from Food Network Magazine.

Happy grilling!

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