This Is the Most Popular Avocado Recipe on Pinterest

And it is certainly something to "taco-bout"!

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Photo by: Courtesy of Heidi Larsen

Courtesy of Heidi Larsen

Everyone loves taco night — in fact, there might just be as many types of taco toppings as there are taco eaters. And if you are an avocado fanatic, you might just end up with a taco that's more guacamole than anything else. But how can we blame you? It's called a "good fat" for a reason — it's so good! You surely don't hear anyone complain when your taco bar runs out of lettuce, but if you hit "guac bottom," that's a catastrophe!

Heidi Larsen, food blogger, recipe creator and photographer for and has created a recipe that highlights everyones fave taco topping. Her Taco Stuffed Avocados with Chipotle Cream recipe is truly lauded. It has over 90K saves on just this one Pinterest post alone — talk about #tacogoals!

And we bet it's so popular because Heidi says she likes "keeping weeknight dinners simple" and finds that "a big batch of taco meat is always super versatile for weekly meal prep." She uses the ground taco meat in this recipe to fill halved avocados and then tops them with shredded cheddar cheese; just a quick 10 minutes in the oven and the cheese will be perfectly melted.

Ready for the toppings? Pile on the Cotija cheese (🙌 for double cheese!), tomatoes, green onion, cilantro and chipotle cream. This dish is totally doable for a weeknight dinner — and better yet, Heidi has found that "these stuffed avocado tacos re-heat really well for lunch." She recommends you "simply pop one in the microwave for a minute or so." Dinner (and lunch!) is served!

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