The Secret Ingredient That Makes These Cookies Extra Chewy

OK — it's beans! But not in the way you think.

December 15, 2020

Photo by: Madison Papp

Madison Papp

Crispy or chewy? Ah, the age-old debate cookie debate. This article goes out to all the chewy cookie lovers (myself included).

When my friend chef Madison Papp brought me some of her Miso Rice Cereal Cookies, I knew I had to have the recipe. They were the best cookies I’ve ever tasted, and I no-joke devoured four cookies in one sitting (and then felt mildly sick afterwards but didn’t care). As soon as I took a bite, I noticed their irresistible texture. They were simultaneously soft, chewy and cakey. They were perfectly savory and sweet, with a light toasted flavor and glaze that melted away on my tongue. This could not be the last time I ate these cookies!

Luckily, Madison agreed to turn them into a recipe for Food Network. And spill her deepest darkest secrets about how — why — they were so darn chewy. May every cookie be this chewy! (Sorry, crispy cookie lovers). To answer this question, she explained that cookies with higher amounts of moisture are chewier than ones with less. So, for example, cookies made with ingredients that contain lots of moisture (like brown sugar or egg yolks) are going to be chewy. Another ingredient that just so happens to contain moisture? Beans. That’s why some people use them to make very cakey, rich brownies.

Now let’s apply all of this knowledge to the magical Miso Rice Cereal Cookies. They include three whole tablespoons of white miso paste, which not only imparts a savory edge, but also — you guessed it — moisture. That’s because miso is made out of soybeans. Ah, and everything comes together. Take a look around the Internet and you’ll notice that the Japanese fermented bean paste is actually a pretty common cookie ingredient. And you better believe that those cookies are cakey as can be.

Okay chewy cookie lovers, when will you be making Madison’s Miso Rice Cereal Cookies?

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