This $5 Peeler Solves Smelly Garlic Hands for Good

Garlic lovers, rejoice!

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July 09, 2019
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Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Confession time: I love garlic. Everything I cook usually includes lots of cloves of garlic. If it was socially acceptable to add even more garlic, I would.

Problem is, cooking with garlic isn’t necessarily easy. Not only is it a complete pain to peel the flakey skin off each clove, but that polarizing smell stays on my hands long after my cooking session is over. (Yes, we tried the oh-so viral hack where you simultaneously pull and peel a garlic clove with a knife, but it doesn’t work quite as well as we’d hope.)

Recently, I discovered Zyliss’s garlic peeler and was amazed that one convenient product solves both my garlic peeling problem and smelly hands issue.

This tiny silicone disc has a flat side and a textured side with little bumps. Simply wrap your cloves in the textured side of the disc, roll the flat side on a surface, and the peeler does the rest. The back and forth motion loosens the skin away from the clove, and the small bumps almost mimic your hands peeling the garlic. After a couple quick rolls, you’ll be left with fresh, peeled garlic cloves ready to be sliced, minced or added to your recipe whole.

Zyliss’s peeler offers the same fast results as smashing your cloves with the flat side of your knife — especially handy if the idea of slamming knife makes you a tad nervous. Hey, we get it.

Plus, since you’re limiting the amount of time you spend fumbling with the garlic cloves, it’ll minimize the olfactory aftermath. That certainly will come in handy if you’re meal prepping right before a big job interview or date!

This find is a godsend for garlic lovers like myself, and even for those who don't love the ingredient quite as much as I do. This peeler will not only come in handy when you’re whipping up some classic shrimp scampi, it will also be essential if you’re making a garlic heavy dish like our 40-Cloves-of-Garlic Chicken Alfredo.

Anyone working with more cloves than they’re used to, can pop a few in the peeler, roll and repeat.

Does this garlic peeler sound a little too good to be true? Wait for it; this find gets better. Not only does this peeler boast an “Amazon’s Choice,” but you can buy it for $4.99. Clocking in at just under five dollars, this might be less than you spend on ingredients to make garlic bread.

Whether you love garlic (but don’t need everyone else to smell it) or are looking for an affordable solution to one of your biggest culinary gripes, it’s worth giving this quirky find a try. After all, it’s only $5!

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