This Electric Peeler Can Peel a Whole Potato in 10 Seconds

We bet you've never peeled a potato this fast before.

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November 21, 2019

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Everyone can probably agree that the worst part of prepping for Thanksgiving dinner is the tedious task of peeling potatoes. No holiday meal is complete without a fluffy pile of mashed potatoes, yet, there is almost nothing worse than taking time away from relaxing on the holiday to obsessively scrape off every inch of potato skin. To alleviate this annoying task, we took to the Internet to find a gadget that could eliminate the hassle. Luckily for us (and you!), the Internet delivered.

Equipped to handle far more than potatoes (think squash, apples and pears), this electric peeler has come to the rescue to make our Thanksgiving prep dreams come true. Simply attach your produce of choice to the Rotato Express by securing it on the non-slip base and inserting the adjustable top prong. Align the blade with the top of your fruit or vegetable and press "Start." The blade will glide down the produce, taking off the skin in one long, continuous curl and leaving you with a perfectly clean and skin-free piece of produce.

Seriously, we tested it in the video below!

Electric Potato Peeler
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You can go beyond simply peeling potatoes and run the Rotato Express on the potato twice. This second round will leave you with shoe-string-sized strips of potato, perfect for crisping up into your own shoestring fries. With this small gadget (which weighs less than two pounds and can easily be transported and stored throughout your kitchen), the possibilities are truly endless.

If it sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you. It wasn’t until we put it to the test that we were hooked. We feel more ready now than ever to whip up a big batch of mashed potatoes, multiple apple pies and pear tarts in record time. Talk about a Thanksgiving win!

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