All the Reasons You Need a Tiny Spatula

How else are you supposed to get to the bottom of your peanut butter jar?

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September 20, 2019
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If you haven’t invested in a pint-sized spatula yet, now’s the time. Chefs in the Food Network test kitchen are big fans — and for good reason. Aside from the obvious use of scraping clean the bottom of your jar of peanut butter, these little guys tend to be the unsung heroes of an efficient and waste-free kitchen. They can do everything from scramble a single egg to clean out used coffee grinds from a French press. Plus, beyond the kitchen they’ll save you some money by buying you a few more days of that super-expensive night cream you bought because some Instagram influencer told you to. (Just me? OK.)

Read on for all the reasons you need a tiny spatula in your life and for a few of our favorite options. You can thank us later.


GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula; Amazon, from $13.95

Like we mentioned before, nut butter is particularly pesky when you get to the bottom of the jar. And, if you don’t have a pup to help you out (I mean, really, how cute is this?), you end up tossing a lot of perfectly good almond butter in the trash. This also holds true for jars of jam and jelly, honey and mustard. Save yourself a few bucks by investing in this small-but-mighty spatula for those purposes.


Cuisinart Mini Spatulas (Set Of 3); Amazon, $8.99

If you use a French press, there’s a good chance you’re dumping half of those used grounds down your drain. Seriously, is there anyone who can get all the grounds out without a utensil? Call me if you’ve mastered that. For those of us who struggle with this particular coffee conundrum, I suggest investing in a small spatula for scraping the bottom of your press. For one thing, it’s more shatterproof than using a metal utensil. Plus, you can use the spatula to give the grounds a stir before steeping. And, finally, silicone is way more odor-proof than a wooden spoon, which is pretty important if you don’t want your pasta dinner to have a faint hint of coffee bean.


Rubbermaid Commercial High Heat Silicone Spatula; Amazon, from $9.13

Call me crazy, but sometimes a single scrambled egg on a piece of buttered toast hits the spot. This snack requires me to break out my 8-inch nonstick skillet — anything larger is just way to big — and a mini-spatula. A mini-spatula gives me more control over my eggs and just feels like the right fit for the snack-size job.


HauBee 4 Pack - Get Every Last Drop; Amazon, $12.99

We’ve all learned at least one hack for getting ketchup out of a glass bottle. (My go-to? Tap the 57.) The best one of all, though, is a super-skinny spatula. These tall thin guys are like the iced teaspoons of the spatula world. They’re perfect for any jar with a small mouth like ketchup and barbecue sauce. Plus, they’re long enough to reach the bottom of the jar without getting totally lost.


Silicone Spatulas (set of 5); Amazon, $9.99

We love getting kids into the kitchen, but mixing can be tough for them when it comes to big tools and even bigger bowls. Give them a gadget their own size. A mini spatula is perfect for tiny hands to control even the thickest cookie dough.

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