What to Watch This Sunday: Sneak Peek of the New Series, The Shed

The Shed BBQ

The Shed BBQ

Scenes from the Food Network's The Shed, Season 1 being filmed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The entire crew from The Shed at a barn near their farm.

Photo by: Chris Granger

Chris Granger

A new family is coming to Food Network: the Orrisons, known as the First Family of Mississippi Barbecue. The saying goes, a family that eats together stays together. Well, this family not only does that, they also work together. Brother and sister team Brad and Brooke run the business of The Shed, a popular barbecue joint, while their parents, Mama Shed and Daddy-O, work for them. How many families can say that? But somehow this uncommon dynamic works — most of the time.

The new series features a look inside the business and all the happenings surrounding The Shed, following each family member and employee, who make up a colorful cast of personalities. It's a real-life sitcom slathered in barbecue sauce! Watch a sneak-peek episode of The Shed on Sunday, August 4 at 10pm/9c and tune in for the premiere on Monday, August 5 at 10pm/9c.

It's either marketing genius or marketing mayhem on Sunday night's episode. After Mama Shed's misfired marketing idea for The Shed leads to an unplanned ribs giveaway, Brad decides he can come up with a better marketing plan. Brooke, however, disagrees, and challenges Brad and Daddy-O to a marketing contest of guys versus girls. The girls struggle to create a Shed calendar (which literally puts office manager Hazel in a very sticky situation). The guys invent the one and only "pig-a-pult" to launch sandwiches into the sky. Not to be outdone, The Shed Pimps come up with their own marketing scheme, which conveniently for them involves a kissing booth that they promote on social media.

Tune in : Sunday, August 4 at 10pm/9c

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