Subway Adds Six New Signature Sandwiches to Its Wildly Successful Series Menu

The chain credits the Subway Series menu with helping to spur record-setting sales last year.

May 04, 2023

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Subway

Photo courtesy of Subway

It has been about 10 months since Subway switched things up by introducing its streamlined Subway Series menu of a dozen signature subs you can order by name or number, providing relief to indecisive and in-a-rush sandwich fans.

For some, the ability to customize — long a defining Subway, sandwich-assembly-line feature — is a pleasure; for others, it may feel like high pressure. So this curated lineup seems to have been enthusiastically embraced by customers. The chain credits the advent of the Subway Series menu with helping to spur its record-setting sales last year.

Now, the chain is introducing six new sandwiches — two brand-new sandwiches plus four fresh twists on existing fan favorites — to the Subway Series lineup, bringing the number of sandwiches on the easy-ordering menu from 12 to 18. Double cheese on sandwiches will now be offered as well.

The two all-new menu additions are #19 Pickleball Club and #33 Teriyaki Blitz. The former, which takes its name from the currently ubiquitous sport, is a toasted sub featuring the chain’s Artisan Italian bread heaped with thinly sliced Black Forest ham, bacon and American cheese and completed with a new honey mustard sauce that will be offered only on this sub. The latter features steak marinated in Subway’s Sweet Onion Teriyaki sauce, topped with American cheese, green peppers and red onions, toasted on Subway’s Hearty Multigrain bread.

The four Subway fan favorites now joining the Subway Series menu — the Sweet Onion Teriyaki, Italian B.M.T., Chicken & Bacon Ranch and Spicy Italian — will each get an “upgrade” for the occasion.

Those who order #16 All-Pro Sweet Onion Teriyaki will get a “sweet and savory combination of tender grilled chicken strips marinated in our Sweet Onion Teriyaki sauce, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions, piled on toasted Hearty Multigrain bread,” while an order of #18 Ultimate B.M.T. will yield “tender Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni and savory Black Forest ham … stacked on Artisan Italian bread, topped with provolone cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions and drizzled with MVP Parmesan Vinaigrette.”

If you ask for #20 Elite Chicken & Bacon Ranch, you’ll be handed a sandwich with “Monterey cheddar cheese ... melted on top of tender rotisserie-style chicken, and topped with hickory-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and … creamy Peppercorn Ranch, all toasted on Artisan Italian bread.” And ordering #23 Hotshot Italiano will get you an “Italian sub ... with spicy pepperoni, Genoa salami and provolone cheese, topped with jalapeno peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and a generous drizzle of MVP Parmesan Vinaigrette on Artisan Italian bread.”

Sounds like another win — or six wins, really — for the indecisive.

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