10 Great Ideas for Getting Your Kids Involved in Grocery Shopping

Guy's Grocery Games judge Catherine McCord shares her top 10 ideas to get kids involved in grocery shopping.
Shopping with Kids

How often do you put off grocery shopping as long as possible to avoid having to take your kids with you? You can already hear them moaning, groaning and grabbing for every last food that you don't want to buy. These ideas will have you actually excited to shop as a family, watching your little ones learning as they go, and excited about all the nutritious foods they will be asking to eat throughout the week!

10. Always have a list. Before you leave the house, make a list and stick to it.

9. Ask kids what they want to add to the list and then make them responsible for finding the items in the store.

8. Before you leave the house, take inventory of your kitchen. Assess what you actually use on a regular basis and notice which items sit in your pantry for months on end. Make a mental or literal note to avoid those items while shopping.

7. Keep kids focused on the task of shopping by talking about everything you're picking up.

6. Have kids read the packaging as you go down the aisles or talk about what colors they see in the produce section.

5. If the kids are old enough to leave your side, give them a portion of the list and see who can gather their items.

4. Never go to the store hungry! You will always make impulse buys while you're hungry and craving everything.

3. Have new readers try to read as many words as possible on packaging, making a game out of it.

2. Shop at stores passing out samples. Not only are they a treat, but it's a great way to get picky eaters to try new foods.

1. Before leaving the house, give kids their own reusable shopping bags so they can help pack groceries at the end of the trip. It's all about empowerment!

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