Meat Enthusiast Courtney Rada Brings the Beef on New Show Carnivorous

Carnivorous kicks off on Sunday, July 14 with double premieres at 1|12c and 1:30|12:30c.

Host Courtney Rada with the beef ribs at Black's BBQ, as seen on Where's The Beef, Season 1.

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer

Jennifer Boomer

Here's the deal. You know those restaurants that serve dainty side salads, raw grain bowls and cool yogurt parfaits? Those aren't the kinds of restaurants Courtney Rada will be visiting on Carnivorous. The focus here is on one thing and one thing only: meat, baby.

Premiering with not one but two brand-new episodes on Sunday, July 14 at 1|12c and 1:30|12:30c, Carnivorous celebrates eateries that are serving up the biggest, beefiest, most-creative meaty meals across the country. From succulent 'cue in Texas and Indian-inspired noshes in Nashville to juicy pork belly in Chicago and a flambed duck in the Big Apple, Courtney is on a mission to find crazy-cool bites that will make you drool. A forever carnivor who loves all kind of meat, Courtney will visit each location and learn the process of making each mouth-watering dish, then meet the folks who bring these beloved items to life. And then, yep, she'll going ham on the food herself, tasting each and every offering.

Mark your calendars for the premieres of Carnivorous on Sunday, July 14 at 1|12c and 1:30|12:30c. Already hungry for meat? Look no further than this recipe for Pan-Seared T-Bone Steak. If chicken is more your style, we've got a recipe for classic Lemon and Herb Roast Chicken and Vegetables you'll love.

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