Weekly Bits: Snack Happy

Snacks are an important part of any healthy eating plan -- provided you're snacking on the right things. This week's compilation of reader comments has plenty of healthy between-meal ideas, from favorite snack bars and homemade granola to a frozen treat for your sweet tooth.

"Try making your own granola. It is very easy. Heat brown sugar, a little honey, salt, vanilla and water until melted. Toss with oats and nuts, and bake until crisp -- about 40 minute -- then toss with dried fruit. Very simple and lasts for a while." --Jennifer, via Facebook

"I have recently been looking for bars that are snack appropriate and not full of sugar. The Kashi bars are always a good but I have also found the KIND bars and the Clif Mojo bars to be good picks!" --Katie

"I like sauteing mushrooms with some onion, then storing the mix in the fridge. That way, I can grab it quickly to add some fast veggies to mini pizzas, omelets, pasta, etc. If it's already cooked, I have no excuse for not adding fast flavor and nutrients to any meal - even when I can barely peel my eyes open in the morning." --Julie

"Have you tried sweet potato fries? My son has a restaurant, and I buy them from his supplier. I bake them in the oven on a mesh wire pizza rack, and they get crisp on the bottom and the top. You could make your own using sweet potatoes; just slice them like you are making french fries. You will have to bake them longer is all." --Betty

"I try to incorporate chicken thighs (sprinkle with seasoning salt and bake for 45 minutes on 350 - perfection!) and avocado (in wraps, chopped in salad, sliced on grilled chicken burgers) in my family's diet. They are easy to prepare, taste great and are good for you! Doesn't get better than that." --Nicole

"That blended frozen bananas thing is genius! I got up immediately after reading that and made some. (I always keep frozen bananas around for smoothies.) I added a splash of milk to make it little creamier, and it's SO good! A dessert that is legitimately healthy." --Shanna

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