Bottled Matcha, Now in a Store Near You

Matcha is a ground-up version of green tea leaves that’s a caffeinated alternative to coffee. It has 70 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. Coffee has 96 milligrams for the same portion, but matcha drinkers say that their energy is more consistent, with less of a dive after the caffeine effect wears off.

By consuming the leaves directly (instead of steeping them in water as you would green tea), you get more nutrients and antioxidants in one punch. At about 10 calories per teaspoon, matcha is a calorie-friendly way to get green tea flavor, and it dissolves easily in milk or water. Instead of trying to find a specialty shop that blends matcha up for you, you can now purchase the green stuff in bottled form at your local grocery store.

Motto Matcha

Premium matcha tea is brewed in small batches for a sparkling take on bottled matcha. The only ingredients? Matcha, honey, organic agave, apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice.

Califia Almond Milk Matcha

Dairy-free but still creamy, this almond milk-based matcha drink gets its sweetness from maple syrup. It’s 90 calories per 10.5-ounce serving, so you can drink it straight or stir it into homemade oatmeal.

Teapigs Matcha Super Power Green Tea Drink

Pick from elderflower, grapefruit or apple varieties of this petite portion that looks just like a juice box. Each pack contains one serving of matcha with no added sugar and less than 32 calories per 100 milliliters.

Ito En Teas’ Tea Matcha Green Tea Latte

The largest of the matcha bottles, at 16.9 fluid ounces, this bottled variety from the experts at Ito En is the only one that turns classic matcha into a latte with skim milk powder. With only 90 calories per serving, it’s a good option for those who prefer a creamier sip. Turmeric and spirulina extract are also added.

MatchaBar Iced Matcha Tea

Can’t get to the New York home of Matcha Bar? Never fear. The new bottled matcha options come in Original, Fuji Apple Ginger or Peach. Each 14-ounce bottle contains 2 grams of ceremonial-grade matcha and between 35 and 90 calories per serving. This option is for those with a sweet craving, as organic cane sugar is included in the Fuji Apple Ginger ingredients and amber honey is included in the Original.

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