Egg Prices Are Going Up – Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Them

Supply chain issues, worker shortages and the bird flu are behind the soaring costs.

January 18, 2023

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Photo by: VCG/Getty Images

VCG/Getty Images

Egg prices have soared in recent weeks and store shelves are low on inventory, leaving many American shoppers scrambling for this breakfast staple. Here’s how to alleviate some of the shell shock.

Why Is the Cost of Eggs Increasing?

Like other areas of the food industry, supply chain issues and worker shortages have impacted eggs making their way to stores (and kitchens) across the country. The woes of the egg industry were underscored in a recent statement from the American Egg Board. “Affordable food matters to everyone, and as one of the highest-quality proteins available, eggs are a great value. America’s egg farmers recognize that our retail customers and shoppers are feeling the pressure of increased costs in food. While the price of eggs, like other agricultural commodities, is determined by the market, America’s egg farmers are doing everything they can to keep costs down and grocery stores stocked. Current wholesale egg prices reflect many factors beyond a farmer’s control, including inflation and supply chain challenges related to cost and availability of feed and grain, labor, diesel fuel and shipping,” says President and CEO Emily Metz.

In addition to these post-COVID hardships, egg farmers are also facing the challenges of protecting their chickens from bird flu. According to USDA, there are about six percent fewer hens laying eggs than usual. But good news is on the horizon as most of the egg farms that were affected by bird flu this year have recovered and are back to producing eggs.



Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

How to Make the Most of Eggs

To get more mileage out of eggs consider the various ways you can use and store them. Fresh eggs (in the shell) can be stored in the fridge for to up to three to five weeks. Cracked eggs and cooked eggs (like that leftover omelet or egg sandwich) can be stored in the fridge for reheating for up to four days; hard-cooked eggs will last one week. Eggs can also be frozen. Simply crack and beat the yolks and whites together and store that precious golden liquid in a container or ice cube tray for up to one year. Baked goods made with eggs and cooked egg dishes like frittatas and egg cups can also be stored in the freezer for up to three months.

Also consider the size of eggs. Check the packaging and reserve “large” eggs for baking as that’s what most recipes will call for. Use other sizes of eggs for recipes where measurements are more flexible.

Closeup of Kenya T. Parham adding spoon to smoothie bowl, as seen on The Kwanzaa Menu.

Closeup of Kenya T. Parham adding spoon to smoothie bowl, as seen on The Kwanzaa Menu.

Egg-Less Breakfast Alternatives

Eggs offer up high-quality protein, plus other nutrients like choline, vitamin B12 and iodine. If you need to crack down on your egg-filled breakfasts for the time being, there are still ways to get healthy protein and convenience in your morning meal. Greek yogurt with fruit and granola can pack in as much protein as three large eggs. A bagel with a smear of cream cheese, smoked salmon and tomato makes for a satisfying breakfast that also offers a dose of choline. A smoothie bowl or bowl of oatmeal made with milk (or soymilk) for protein and topped with fruit, nuts and seeds or fortified breakfast cereal can also check all the nutrient boxes. Protein pancakes can be made in advance, reheated and topped with nut butter for a quick, grab-and-go option if egg sandwiches are off the menu.

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