Give Yourself A Break with These Super Simple (and Healthy) Weeknight Dinners

Because you did enough hard work on Thanksgiving!

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Chances are you spent a lot of time in the kitchen last week, cooking up a Thanksgiving feast for all your friends and family. Whether you had just a small handful of dinner guests or an entire dining room full of them, you deserve some time to sit back and relax outside of the kitchen. These super simple weeknight dinner recipes will let you do just that. Clocking in at 45 minutes or less, they’ll give you back some much needed “me” time. Plus, they’re all under 500 calories per serving (so you can save room for even more holiday cookies)!

This convenient recipe combines two delicious meals in one. Add it to your weekly menu to bring some heat to your dinner and pack up any leftovers to enjoy a better-than-takeout lunch the next day.

Think you can’t master risotto in less than an hour? Think again! With the help of your trusty Instant Pot, you’ll get restaurant-quality shrimp risotto in just 40 minutes, more than enough time to catch up on an episode of your favorite series or start that movie everyone’s been talking about.

Who doesn’t love chicken fingers?! Especially when they’re served with a zesty cumin and curry-flavored dipping sauce like these yummy ones are. Trust us — they’re so tasty double-dipping is not only acceptable, it’s necessary.

Upgrade your classic steak and potatoes dinner with this flavor-packed version. You’ll brush your steak with an herby mixture of mustard and olive oil and season your frites with paprika and cayenne to up the dish’s flavor profile. It’s a quick and easy way to give your family a bistro-quality dinner in less time than it probably would take you to grab a table at an actual restaurant!

Pack your typical weeknight burger with flavor thanks to this sweet-meets-savory burger. You’ll use hoisin sauce, ginger, soy sauce and sambal oelek to season your chicken burger and a heaping layer of thinly sliced mushrooms and red onions add even more texture.

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