Halloween Cocktails and Drinks for a Scary-Good Party

Liven up your next haunted house with our over-the-top sips. If they're not creepy enough for you, garnish with eyeball-like lychee fruits, plastic doll-part stirrers or gummy worms frozen into ice cubes. Cheers!

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Photo By: Ralph Smith

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Witch's Brew

It'll be hard for party guests to keep their hands to themselves around this punch. Dry ice is the secret to the spooky sensation of this cauldron filled with a simple vodka and pineapple punch.

Get the Recipe: Witch's Brew

Berry Eyeball Punch

All eyes (har har) will be on the punch bowl when this scary concoction is part of the spread. Pair blueberries and sweet lychees to make the edible eyeballs.

Get the Recipe: Berry Eyeball Punch

Pumpkin Sangria

With ingredients like pumpkin, cinnamon and maple syrup, this festive sangria is full of fall flavors.

Get the Recipe: Pumpkin Sangria

Spooky Punch

This 5-star punch comes with shrunken-head straws! Don't be scared, though. They're just prunes, white chocolate, coconut and cloves, but they sure do make for an out-of-the-ordinary garnish that's great for Halloween.

Get the Recipe: Spooky Punch

Hemlock Cocktails

When you need a quick drink for two, look no further. You can whip up Hemlock Cocktails, flavored with orange peels and vanilla beans, in only five minutes.

Get the Recipe: Hemlock Cocktails

Blood Orange Vampire Punch

Go for the most-appropriately named fruit for this punch: blood oranges. The deep-crimson juice is just what you need to entice all the vampires at your Halloween party.

Get the Recipe: Blood Orange Vampire Punch

Dark and Spooky

Combine dark rum and ginger beer for quick and easy cocktails. Gummy spiders add a creepy surprise guests won't be able to resist.

Get the Recipe: Claire Robinson's Dark and Spooky

Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch

This punch — a spookified version of a classic rickey — is a refreshing drink for kids after trick-or-treating. Add some gin and it's an equally refreshing after-dark cocktail for adults.

Get the Recipe: Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch

Candy Corn Cordials

Now you can have your candy corn — and drink it too? Yes! Candy corn-infused vodka is easy and fun to make. Dress it up with orange liqueur and a little fresh lemon juice for perfectly Halloween-hued drinks.

Get the Recipe: Candy Corn Cordials

Vampire Bite Mocktail

Give these fruity drinks a bloody-good twist by rimming the glasses with red candy gel.

Get the Recipe: Vampire Bite Mocktail

Black Cloud Cocktail

The eerie black cloud layer in this drink comes from a splash of black vodka.

Get the Recipe: Black Cloud Cocktail

Blood-Red Cherry Punch

Welcome guests young and old with a cup of "blood." Juice and grenadine give this crowd-pleasing punch its ruby-red color, and ginger ale adds effervescence.

Get the Recipe: Blood-Red Cherry Punch

Phoenix Rising Cocktail

This white Russian with a twist uses white chocolate liqueur. Serve it in a goblet fit for a queen's costume.

Get the Recipe: Phoenix Rising Cocktail

Dragon's Blood Punch

Give the littlest ghouls and goblins a fright with this nonalcoholic punch. Cranberry juice and red punch give the crowd-pleaser its bloody color.

Get the Recipe: Dragon's Blood Punch (non-alcoholic)

Black Light Cocktail

This witch's brew glows under black light thanks to the quinine in tonic water. Use spooky ice cube shapes, like bones, to complete the look.

Get the Recipe: Black Light Cocktail

Mexican Pumpkin Punch

This cinnamon-scented punch is just what you need when you've got a crowd of pumpkin lovers at your party. Sweeten the concoction with brown sugar for a truly fall-inspired sip.

Get the Recipe: Mexican Pumpkin Punch

Cider Fall Fireball

Looking for a devilishly delicious twist on sweet apple cider? Add homemade simple syrup infused with warm baking spices like cinnamon, ginger and clove — and fiery, spiced rum!

Get the Recipe: Cider Fall Fireball


Coffee lovers, rejoice: This cocktail features coffee liqueur, brewed coffee and crushed chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Get the Recipe: Firewater

Italian Fruit Punch

This punch is a flavorful blend of orange juice, sparkling water and two Italian liqueurs. Serve each drink with a black licorice stick to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Get the Recipe: Italian Fruit Punch

Magical Mad Hatter

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice and take a sip. Cream of coconut adds a rich and tropical dimension to this layered drink.

Get the Recipe: Magical Mad Hatter

Vampire Kiss Martini

Give the classic French martini a Halloween twist by dropping wax teeth into the glass before filling to the brim.

Get the Recipe: Vampire Kiss Martini

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