7 Products You Need to Keep Bugs Away from Your Summer Barbecue

Enjoy outdoor dining in peace!

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August 23, 2022

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Taking advantage of the warm summer months by eating majority of your meals outside is all fun and games until you start noticing bugs making their way toward your plate. While it's somewhat inevitable, there are ways to minimize the amount of bugs near your outdoor dining area. We've rounded up a couple solutions that you might not have thought about before to keep the bugs at bay. Afterall, you put so much time into creating a beautiful outdoor dining space, you want to enjoy it — right?


This is an obvious solution, but what can we say — it works! Keep annoying bugs out of your food by simply covering it up with these mesh food covers. You won't have to worry about flies landing on your dinner anymore.

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The sugar in your canned drinks can attract bugs, which is a problem if they start to crawl inside. Spare yourself that unwanted surprise by sealing up that opening with these drink shields. As a bonus, these are color-coded, so they also help you keep track of which can is yours.

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This solution might feel a little far-fetched, but hear us out. Bugs will have a harder time hovering around your food if there is substantial air flow. Place a fan outside to keep the air moving and the bugs away. Plus, it will keep your patio nice and cool during a hot summer night.

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Some herbs, including mint, basil and rosemary, can act as natural repellants to bugs. By planting an outdoor herb garden, you can actually do more than supply yourself with plenty of garnish by creating a natural barrier for bugs.

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If you don't have enough room at the table for a bunch of mesh covers, these lids might be the right solution. Keep your bowl of potato salad or chopped fruit safe from any bugs with this set of silicone stretch lids.

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If there is too much food to cover each item individually, create your own sanctuary with these outdoor mosquito curtains. You can dine in peace knowing no bugs will fly onto your dinner plate.

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Some studies claim that putting a Bounce dryer sheet in your pocket (or pinning a couple underneath the tablecloth on your outdoor table) can help keep bugs away. We think it's worth a shot, especially if it also means you have a nice scent surrounding you and your kitchen table.

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