8 Expert-Recommended Matcha Powders

Stop spending so much on matcha lattes and start making your own.

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March 21, 2023

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Don’t call matcha a trend. A staple in many Asian cultures, matcha dates back to eighth-century China, and was popularized in twelfth-century Japan by Buddhist monk Myoan Eisai.

“Matcha is a powder made from finely ground, shade-grown green tea leaves,” says Anya Rosen, MS, RD, IFNCP, a dietitian and functional medicine nutritionist. “It has a rich Japanese cultural tradition, and is currently used around the world for both ceremonial and culinary purposes.”

Of course, matcha is also a social media sensation, thanks to its gorgeous green hue (and the fact that matcha whisks are extremely photogenic). If you’re looking to add it into your daily routine without spending $6 a day on a latte at your local coffee shop, it’s super easy to make your own matcha. The caveat? You need to start with a great matcha powder. We asked five experts to share their favorites.


If you’re just starting out with matcha, it’s best to stick with something authentic but simple. Candice Kumai, a chef, journalist, and the author of several best-selling cookbooks, including Kintsugi Wellness, calls Matcha Love a true Japanese legacy brand, and recommends it as the perfect entry point for folks who are new to at-home matcha.

Depending on your taste preferences, you’ll mix between one and two teaspoons of this stuff into four ounces of medium-hot water. Kumai, who owns The Matcha Shoppe, also recommends getting a proper chawan (tea bowl) and chasen (matcha whisk), like this one.

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This ceremonial grade matcha is a favorite of Sarah Gold Anzlovar, MS, RDN, LDN, owner of Sarah Gold Nutrition, a private practice helping moms ditch diets and learn to eat to feel their best. It’s made from leaves grown in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, which is known as one of the best matcha producers in the world. The sleek silver tin and vibrant green color make this matcha a delight to drink, but Gold Andzlovar likes it for other reasons. “I love matcha for a lower-caffeine latte option [to coffee], and for a concentrated dose of antioxidants that may offer a number of health benefits,” she says.

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“Pique is one of my favorite brands for all things tea because they screen for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold and radioactive isotopes,” Rosen says. “Their matcha is also harvested from trees that spend more time in the shade, increasing the nutrient density.” One box contains 28 individual sachets that you mix with 12 ounces of hot or cold water.

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“This green tea powder is produced from tea leaves grown in Uji, Japan, an area renowned for their matcha,” says Ruiz Asri, a food writer and the CEO of Honest Food Talks. “The matcha powder by Ocha & Co. is also deliciously rich with umami with very minimal bitter aftertaste.” He recommends the powder for both matcha lattes and baked matcha desserts, and says that he’s even made matcha boba with the powder.

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Samantha Barash, RD, dietitian and founder of Tap Into Nutrition, loves this matcha, which is made with very fine tea leaves. “It blends super well in smoothies, one of my favorite ways to enjoy matcha for a dose of caffeine and extra antioxidants,” she says.

“I recommend matcha to my clients that suffer from acid reflux, as it is a less harsh alternative to coffee while still providing a dose of caffeine.” Blending it into a smoothie can make it even easier on your digestion.

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“Mizuba Tea Co. was one of the first brands that introduced me to directly and transparently sourced matcha,” says Nicole Wilson, a tea educator who writes the Tea for Me Please blog. “I love that they work with small, independent tea producers in Japan. It's hard to beat the quality or affordability of their Daily Matcha.” The Daily Matcha is $21 for 20-30 servings, and comes in various limited edition tins — all of which are gorgeous — that cost more but make fantastic gifts­.

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“Jade Leaf's Organic Ceremonial matcha sticks are a super convenient, quality matcha that's ready with you on the go,” says Emilio Dominquez, owner of The Modern Rose, a cafe and online tea shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida. “It's consistent and balanced, neither too umami nor too vegetal.”

Even at full price, this matcha is a steal (10 single-serve sachets for $9.95), but order online and you’ll get 20% off your first order. If you want the matcha immediately, it’s also available at Target.

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“I really love SerendipiTea Matcha, sourced from the Kagoshima Region of Japan,” says Amy Lee, a food photographer and food stylist based in New York City. “The taste is very clean and invigorating. Also, it's milled to a very fine texture, so perfect for baking and cooking.”

We love that you can buy this one in a standard 100-gram bag, or opt for the bulk 500-gram size if you drink matcha daily and know you always want some around.

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