Cast Iron Essentials to Use on the Grill This Summer

Shop the Food Network collection at Kohl's to make the most of your grill this season.

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June 09, 2022
By: Allison Russo

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Grilling season is in full swing, and if you want to get even more out of your grill this year, add some cast iron cookware into your outdoor arsenal. We love cast iron for its amazing durability, versaility and affordability. (Don't forget to properly season your cast iron regularly to get the most out of it and make it last forever.) The Food Network collection at Kohl's has the cast iron pieces you need to level up your grill game. Plus, you can use all of these items year round in your oven or on your stovetop.


Available in three sizes, this cast-iron skillet is a kitchen — and grilling — staple. And with more than 450 five-star reviews, this option is a budget-friendly win whether you're cooking over a campfire or a grill. It's designed with an ergonomic handle for easy lifting, and the 12" version comes with a helper handle, too. Kohl's shoppers love it for searing chicken, cooking biscuits, simmering pasta sauce, and so much more.

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Looking for a roomier skillet? This one has dual handles for easy lifting on and off the grill, and two pour spouts for easy, mess-free pouring. One Kohl's customer writes that this skillet is "Perfect for country cooking. Love it for hash browns and biscuits. Big enough to feed a family." Whether you're making a summer berry crisp or sauteing veggies, this pan is perfect for cooking big batches of your picnic favorites.

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This pan will take at-home fajita night to the next level. Complete with a cast-iron fajita pan and birchwood trivet, this fajita pan set is perfect whether you're cooking in the backyard or at the campground. Your fajitas will take on a wonderfully smoky flavor when cooked on the grill.

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Does it get cuter than a mini cast-iron skillet? Shoppers love this petite pan for making single-serve desserts, eggs, burgers, sandwiches, and more. Use it on the grill to heat up a sauce or side dish, separately cook a veggie burger, or perfectly fry an egg for a campground-ready breakfast sandwich.

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Hear us out, there's a reason to spring for this grill/griddle combo this summer. Use the griddle side on your grill to create the ultimate breakfast station — perfect for pancakes, bacon, eggs, and so much more. Or, flip to the grill side of this pan to cook delicate foods on your grill like seafood and veggies. Plus, bring this pan inside when the weather gets cold for serious searing indoors.

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Kohl's shoppers love this deep pan for frying fish, roasting potatoes, grilling sandwiches, and so much more. It's roomy size is perfect if you're cooking for a crowd. The helper handle makes for easy counter-to-grill-to-table transportation, and it will arrive at your door pre-seasoned and ready to use.

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