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Star Spotlight: Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex shares her secrets for natural beauty with Food Network Magazine.
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Photo: David Malosh

Get to Know Alex

The Chopped judge tells us about her best beauty buys — and her truly Italian hair.

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Photo: Jon Paterson

Go-To Jeans

“My favorite sweaters are from Vince and my favorite jeans are from NYDJ. I am a pants gal.”

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Kitchen Kicks

“When I’m in the kitchen, I wear jackets from Crooked Brook and Adidas sneakers with tons of cushioning.”

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Photo: Christopher Coppola/Studio D ©

Fine Lines

“My mascara is Diorshow — I can add a lot of layers and get volume and length, but the goop factor is very low. I also use Dior’s Art Pen liner. It glides on smoothly and holds steady for hours.”


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