Winning Olive Recipe

A hearty egg-and-cheese pie from an Oregon reader came out on top in our olive-themed contest.
Perfect Brunch Pie


Challenge Winners pie in a white dish on a blue and white plaid cloth

©Food Styling: Anne Disrude Props: Marina Malchin.

Food Styling: Anne Disrude Props: Marina Malchin.

Challenge Winners pie in a white dish on a blue and white plaid cloth

Winning Recipe: Perfect Brunch Pie

Everyone is in the mood for comfort food, or so it seems from the response to our November 2009 olive recipe contest: Readers used the secret ingredient in casseroles, baked pastas, stews, buttery biscuits and, our favorite, this savory brunch pie, submitted by Celia Wallis of Independence, OR. "It's like a scrambled-egg pie," Celia says of the quiche-like creation. She set up her own little test kitchen, baking mini variations in muffin pans to perfect the flaky phyllo crust and olive-cheese filling. The recipe name is bold, but we think it fits.



Food Network Magazine Challenge Winner

Celia Wallis

Celia Wallis

Celia Wallis of Independence, OR, used phyllo dough for the first time to make her winning pie.


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