Think Fresh: Explore the Produce Section

Navigate the produce aisle with ease using Food Network's guide to fresh, healthful fruits and vegetables that can be easily incorporated into your everyday dishes.

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

Photo By: Anna Williams

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

Photo By: Kat Teutsch

Warm Beet-Orange Salad

When it comes to beets, look out for crimson-colored bulbs that are attached to magenta stems and veined leaves. Though they can be eaten raw, beets are best peeled then roasted or boiled to achieve their famed tender-yet-firm feel and are often featured atop couscous, grated inside ravioli or mixed with fresh citrus. Here, wedges of beets are tossed with sweet oranges and crunchy walnuts to create a healthy salad in a flash.

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Eggplant Salad

Whether you are buying a white or deep-purple eggplant, be sure to pick one that is free of bruises and not overly soft. Layer it between noodles and cheese in lasagna, fry and top it with tomato sauce or let it star in a warm salad with fresh herbs and lemon juice.

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Crisp Roasted Cabbage

Not just for coleslaws anymore, cabbage can be chopped in large chunks and roasted, baked or boiled. Ensure the freshness of your grocery store cabbage by confirming that its leaves are still firmly attached to the stem. The savoy cabbage in this dish is first seared then roasted and topped with tangy balsamic vinegar.

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Herbed Summer Squash

With just five ingredients you can turn summer squash into a tender and flavorful side dish.

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Simple Green Bean Salad

Alex Guarnaschelli makes an olive oil and balsamic dressing for this salad that really lets seasonal green beans shine.

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