Get to Know the Cajun Aces

Sam and Cody Carroll are two young and talented chefs who own and operate a pair of Louisiana restaurants while also running their family farm.

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Photo By: Tyler Kaufman

Photo By: jaboticaba

Photo By: Samantha Carroll's Instagram

Photo By: Samantha Carroll's Instagram

Photo By: Moncherie

Photo By: Samantha Carroll's Instagram

Photo By: GerEug

Photo By: Lauri Patterson

Photo By: Tyler Kaufman

Louisiana Love Story

Get to know the New Orleans couple known for their fresh take on Cajun cuisine.

Go-To Snack

Sam: Boudin

Cody: Cracklins (pictured)

Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

Sam & Cody: Boudin

Favorite Meal to Cook (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)

Sam: All of the above

Cody: Lunch & Dinner

Favorite Pizza Topping

Sam: Cheese

Cody: Peppers

Favorite Burger Topping

Sam: Everything!

Cody: Cheese ... and bacon

One Thing You Could Eat Forever

Sam: ...Boudin

Cody: Crawfish

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Sam: Wedding Cake

Cody: Butter Pecan

Something You Always Order, But Never Make Yourself

Sam & Cody: Greek food

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Go behind the scenes with Sam and Cody, and share your favorite moments from the show using #CajunAces.

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