Get to Know Anne Burrell

Find out more about Anne Burrell, host of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America, Chef Wanted and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

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Cooking Like a Rock Star

After getting her start as Mario Batali's sous chef on Iron Chef America, Anne quickly rose to fame while hosting her shows Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Chef Wanted. Today audiences can find her mentoring home cooks on Worst Cooks in America and Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.

Celebrity Victory

Rachael Ray competed against Anne in Season 7 of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. Though there were some unappetizing moments (think Chris' Canker Sore Salad?), Rachael's team held their own in the challenges. Despite Rachael's efforts, Anne couldn't be beat and clinched the win for the fifth time.

Reclaiming Greatness

Replacing Bobby Flay as Blue Team mentor, Tyler Florence joined Anne in Season 6 of Worst Cooks in America. Teaching seven recruits each, Tyler and Anne tackled everything from squid ink pasta to dinner parties. Though these lessons proved invaluable for Tyler’s final recruit, Anne reclaimed her title.

The Fall of an Empire

Fresh off three back-to-back wins, it looked like all odds were in Anne's favor to win Seasons 4 of Worst Cooks in America. Although Bobby Flay had lost to Anne in Season 3, he came back stronger than ever, bringing an end to Anne's streak with his Season 4 win and going on to win Season 5 as well.

Searching for a Chef

On Chef Wanted, Anne travels to restaurants in cities across the country to work with the owners and management to recruit the business' newest executive chef. She doles out no-nonsense challenges and constructive criticism to the candidates in the hopes of selecting the correct person for the job.

Super Chef Competitor

Anne competed against nine of her peers in Season 4 of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs. She ultimately fell to eventual Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian in a head-to-head cook-off with Asian-inspired Secret Ingredients: panko and ponzu.

Dining Out at Home

In the kitchen on her show Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, Anne shows viewers how simple it can be to re-create the flavors of favorite restaurant meals at home.

Fresh Fare

Simple, rustic meals are some of Anne's favorites, and she prefers using fresh, quality ingredients above all else. One food you'll never see her eating? Calves' liver.

Handmade Dough

Anne's top-rated recipe for All-Purpose Pasta Dough is a no-fail favorite that produces winning results every time. Try your hand at her recipe.

Get the Recipe: Chef Anne's All-Purpose Pasta Dough

Product of Choice

FN Dish asked Anne which kitchen ingredient she couldn't live without, and her answer was clear: the food mill. Here she's using it to gently grind tomatoes through a sieve.

Easy Yet Elegant

Restaurant-quality meals don't have to involve intricate recipes or take hours to prepare. On Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, Anne's committed to sharing her strategies for making restaurant-worthy food at home — simply.

Statement Socks

Anne's known for her notoriously mismatched socks, and she says different-color footwear doesn't bother her, as she doesn't have to sort through individual socks to find two of the same.

Italian at Heart

True to her passion for Italian cuisine, Anne told FN Dish that if she had to choose between eating a meatball or a burger, she'd choose a meatball every time.

Fashionable Hair

Blond and spikey, Anne's hairdo is not new to her. In fact, she's had spiked hair since she was in high school.

New York Fan

Anne's a committed Yankees fan, having been born and raised in the state of New York.

Cook Like Anne

Bring Anne's deliciously simple recipes to your table by making her recipes at home. Browse her top 100 recipes for dinner inspiration tonight.