Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes of Episode Seven's Finalist Challenges

Welcome Back!

It seems like just the other day that Melissa was on the other side of the Star competition.

Breakfast Table

Melissa's challenge to the finalists: Incorporate a breakfast cereal into a deliciously improvised dinner dish — and do it in 20 minutes!

Sing for Your Supper

Serena breaks into spontaneous song in hopes of impressing Melissa and the Selection Committee. (It does make an impression, but ....)

Lead On

Aarti, winner of the Camera Challenge, learns that she'll be the team leader in the next Star Challenge.

Serious Business

Bobby informs the finalists of what the next Star Challenge involves: planning and executing a menu for an elite L.A. supper club.

The SMOG Supper Club

Home of the "Super Foodies."

Power Trio

Bobby, Bob and Susie pose for a quick photo in the midst of supper-club socializing.

Brad Makes the Rounds

Knowing he has to keep his personality shining, Brad starts circulating early.

Too Close for Comfort

Tom's beyond relieved to realize he's safe.

We'll Miss You, Serena

It won't be the same without your rapid-fire energy!