Food Network Chefs' Favorite Comfort Foods

Bobby Flay and Michael Symon

Whether it's the bone-chilling weather, the short, darker days or the cozy sweaters and puffy coats, winter practically necessitates comfort food. And while you likely reach for all things cheesy, warm and hearty to feel soothed this time of year, so, too, do Food Network chefs. FN Dish caught up with Bobby Flay and Michael Symon at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, and we asked the guys to share their favorite sweet and savory indulgences. What we found out is that when it comes to comfort food, tried-and-true classics reign supreme.

Both Michael and Bobby agreed that a classic roast chicken is among their top dishes, but for Bobby, it has to come with the works. "I want the roasted chicken with all the roasted vegetables alongside of it that you cook with it [and] the pan sauce right out of the roasting pan," he explained.

Michael rounded out his list with a mix of Mediterranean and all-American picks, including "pasta pomodoro, lasagna, meatloaf [and] baklava." Bobby, on the other hand, leaned heavily toward "biscuits of any kind," one decadent dessert — pumpkin bread pudding — and a mix of morning meals.

"I like comforting breakfasts and brunch. Obviously I'm a brunch fan," Bobby said. "I like things like waffles and pancakes and French toast." He added that he also reaches for bowls of steel-cut oatmeal, but he dresses them up with sweet toppings and spices. "What I do is take the oatmeal, I cook it for a minute in boiling water the night before, and then I just let it sit in the pot overnight, so it kind of blossoms and softens. Then the next morning, it takes me, like, five minutes to cook it. And I add, like, cinnamon and nutmeg to it — and some honey or maple syrup. And then I top it with some Greek yogurt and some cooked berries. It's great. A good breakfast. Very comforting."

Check out Food Network's Comfort Food headquarters to find the ultimate collection of easy classics, slow-cooker showstoppers and one-pot wonders.

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