Oscar Eats: The Social Network and Toy Story 3

By: Debra Puchalla
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Young at heart, or just too cool for school? The cool kids will be on the small screen at the Oscars this weekend. In a Best Picture field crowded with serious films and old-school subjects, two movies stand out for their youthful appeal: The Social Network and Toy Story 3.

All week The Dish is offering winning menus and recipes tailored to the nominees for Best Picture. Today, the tale of a brainy techno-whizkid's creation of Facebook is food-fighting with the classic toys adventuring as their kid heads off to college.

So, WWMZE? What might Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg eat to celebrate (or not) if The Social Network wins best picture at this weekend's awards? WWBLE? What might Buzz Lightyear sit down and enjoy if Toy Story 3 rockets to the winner's podium (and if he weren't an animated character)? Consider this a friendly foodie faceoff--which of their food picks wins?

In The Social Network, a character based on Zuckerberg creates a social-networking site based on Facebook, with money, fame and fortune at stake. What would one such power-hungry wunderkind eat? A Zuckerburger, natch. It would be innovative and creative and a little edgy, sans onions, which might scare off paramours. Some contenders:

Tell us which Zuckerburger you would "Like" on Facebook. And share it. For dessert, consider Zuckerberg's twin archenemies, the Winklevoss twins: A serving of Twinkle(voss) Tiramisu--yes, it's made with Twinkies--can't be beat.

Next, foods inspired by and aligned with Toy Story's classic characters: Are their adventures entertaining enough to top the power of The Social Network?

If you're rooting for Toy Story 3, think of Barbie and Ken as your hosts. Put down the Chatter Telephone and skip delivery; instead, such a power couple might make homemade kid-friendly pizza for Oscar-watching, like Sunny Anderson's three-cheese pepperoni pizza. Or how about Cafeteria-Style Sloppy Joes (no worries--they're much more delicious than your cafeteria food was)? On the menu for Woody, the coolest cowboy ever, is Rachael Ray's Cowboy Spaghetti.

But really, a sugar rush is what Woody and Buzz and even Evil Lotso Bear are Most Likely to Crave:

And the winner is... You. Make a burger or some pizza, then close out your eats with something sweet. For Oscar night or a dinner-and-a-movie date in, check out our collection of Award Winning Eats — there's something for everyone, whether you favor chick-flicks, docu-dramas, action movies or silly home movies starring the kids.

Award-Winning Menus:

Have you seen all of the movies nominated for Best Picture? Which one has your vote?

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