Candy Corn a Christmas Food? Well, Yes, Actually

Candy corn has always been kind of a fall thing, but now it’s a winter thing. Brach's just introduced a version that looks and tastes like Christmas.

Candy corn has always been kind of a fall thing, a delicious harvest-colored treat you gobble by the handful around Halloween until your teeth ache and your belly rebels. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But now – teeth and belly objections aside — you don’t have to stop eating candy corn just because the seasons change. Candy corn can be a winter thing, too: Brach’s has just introduced a version that looks and tastes like Christmas.

Brach’s new Candy Cane Candy Corn features the familiar kernel shape, but swaps in green and red for the usual yellow and orange. Each kernel’s tip is green, its center is white and its base is red.

As it turns out, Brach’s is not the first one to come up with the idea of Christmas-themed candy corn. Jelly Belly has apparently, for some time, offered Reindeer Corn, which has a white tip, green center and red base, and has a vanilla flavor. Still, Brach’s takes the Christmas theme to the next level, making good on the “Candy Cane” portion of its name by imbuing its niblets with the cool taste of peppermint. (One candy blogger likened Candy Cane Candy Corn to a peppermint patty without the chocolate part, which actually sounds rather tasty.)

In case you’re wondering, a serving size of 19 pieces will run you just about 140 calories. The trick, of course, is to stop at 19.

Photo courtesy of Brach's
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