What’s the Right Way to Eat Candy Corn?

According to this survey, there are a host of options.

October 27, 2021


Photo by: Melissa Ross/Getty

Melissa Ross/Getty

Candy corn — pro or con? The debate rages on over whether the tricolored, triangular Halloween staple is delicious, amazing, the best candy ever or totally, um, NOT — with no end of the controversy in sight.

But, wait – what if we’ve all been arguing over the wrong question all along? What if the real candy corn question is not whether, but … how?

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) has waded into debate by polling Americans and asking the following question: “What is the right way to eat candy corn?”

I mean, everyone knows you start with the little white nib, then follow with the orange part in the middle, and then finish with the kernel-like yellow end, right?

Actually … no.

As it happens, the most popular way to eat a piece of candy corn is simply popping the whole shebang into your mouth and eating it all at once (gulp) in its entirety.

According to the NCA survey, conducted in June 2021 (when, let’s be honest, only the most die-hard candy-corn fans are probably giving that much thought to the candy), 52 percent of Americans prefer to eat the whole piece of candy corn at once.

Eating the narrow white end first was the second most popular approach, with 31 percent of respondents saying that was the way they went about consuming candy corn.

Only 17 percent of those surveyed said they started with the wider yellow end of the candy corn.

Those of us who would dismiss that last approach as, simply, wrong, should probably stop, take a deep breath, and open their hearts and minds to other ways.

“There’s no wrong way to enjoy candy corn,” the NCA intones.

Yeah, OK, probably true.

And for those who think candy corn itself is all wrong? They may want to note that, according to the NCA, Americans rank it among their top three favorite Halloween candies to receive while trick-or-treating, alongside chocolate and gummy candy.

Now those we pop into our mouths all at once …

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