Mayonnaise Gets Its Moment at 2 Pop-Up Cafes in Japan

Kewpie mayo claims new pop-up café makes food “more fun with mayonnaise.”



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People tend to have their favorite condiments. Ketchup on everything? Mustard for the win? Hey, whatever floats your boat. Those who are partial to mayonnaise now have bragging rights over this: Japan is erecting two temporary shrines to the creamy-white food topper.

Kewpie mayonnaise, a Japanese mayo with a cultlike following (it even has its own museum), is opening a dedicated pop-up “Kewpie mayo café” first in Tokyo (March 1-31) and then in Nagoya (April 3-30). The cafes will feature “a menu of ‘Mayonnaise Magic’ that improves texture, richness and umami by using mayonnaise” — not only as an ingredient in salads, but also to fry, bake and saute foods — according to a press release (translation from Japanese via Google Translate).

The restaurants will feature both indoor and outdoor seating and be open for lunch and dinner. Menu items will vary week to week, although, judging from the Kewpie mayo café website, they appear to include everything from the expected salads and sandwiches to noodle and rice dishes, casseroles and … is that a pizza?

Whatever it is, you can be sure of this, the site boasts, “The food will be more fun with mayonnaise!”

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