Dogs in Food Insta Is Worth Following Anywhere

It doesn't get more adorable than this, folks.

Prepare for puppy-cuteness overload.

In the world today there actually exists an Instagram account bringing you swooningly adorable images of dogs Photoshopped into photos of food. Honestly, it’s hard to decide which is more delicious and drool-worthy — the food or the dogs. (OK, not difficult at all: the dogs.)

Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) — “A page all about dogs in food...” — has all of 19 posts to date, the earliest of them (a button-cute Sharpei blending into melted chocolate) posted on January 2, but it has already racked up 19.5K followers and earned some gushy press ink.

It’s easy to see why the response has been so immediately enthusiastic. I mean, just check out this image of a Dalmatian pup in cookies blending seamlessly into a bowl of cookies and cream or this Brussels Griffon popping out of a mocha-frosted cupcake (and not looking very happy about it). And try not to get all steamed up about this Sharpei dumpling or long to gobble up this real puppy hush puppy or this doggie tater tot or this Cockapoo carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

And this? Definitely nacho regular plate of nachos.

Puppies plus food equals perfection. 

Photo courtesy of @dogs_infood

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