Golden Girls Hot Sauces Are Here

And they’re just as spicy as the ladies themselves.

Your favorite saucy ladies from the ‘80s now have their own line of hot sauces–and tbh, it seems like it’s been a long time coming. Golden Girls hot sauces are officially here, and our only question is: How did no one think of this before now?

Luckily, the crew at Always Fits did think of this, so you can easily purchase the sauce inspired by your favorite Golden Girl on their website – or treat yourself to the 4-pack set! Two of the sauces (the “Bea Spicy” and the “Desert Rose”) have a jalapeno base, while the other two have an even hotter habanero base. To create these sauces, Always Fits partnered with Southwest Specialty Food, Inc., an Arizona-based company that’s been making condiments and other specialty items since 1986.

Each sauce bottle comes with a hot sauce-infused cheesecake recipe on the label (of course!), so if you’re feeling extra adventurous or just LOVE hot food, you can experiment with making your own spicy dessert at home. Or, go the more traditional route and just add the sauce to your favorite savory dishes like chili, scrambled eggs or your go-to sandwich–it’s guaranteed to spice things up, no matter how you use it.

I tried each of the sauces for myself and they really do pack a punch! The two jalapeno sauces and the two habanero sauces are very similar to each other, flavor-wise–it’s really the adorable labels that make each one stand out–but these products aren’t only about the art or the very appealing nostalgia factor, either. The habanero sauces are legit HOT, so only go for those if you enjoy that lingering fiery flavor – really, I’m warning you! The jalapeno sauces are a bit milder, but still have an enjoyable amount of heat, plus great flavor from the other ingredients, like carrot puree and garlic.

The hot sauces are available now at, and retail for $10 per bottle(or $32 for the 4-packset).

Photo: Always Fits

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