What's Hot in Hot Sauce?

These are some of the hottest trends.

Episode: Kitchen Cantina

Hot sauce expert Noah Chaimberg shares top trends in hot sauce, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

The Kitchen is heating up with a taste of some of the newest trends in hot sauce.

Mustard, Horseradish and Dark Rum, by Pirate's Lantern

This hot sauce is a great mild option. It's made from Scotch bonnet peppers, mustard, horseradish and little bit of dark rum, the last of which provides sweetness to balance everything out. Try this sauce on sausages, in a sandwich or with meats like roast beef or brisket.

Habanero-Mango, by Small Axe Peppers

This sauce will get you a little more fired up. It's a combination of fruity habanero peppers, sweet mango and tangy tamarind, with a chutney-like consistency. Try incorporating it into other dipping sauces.

Garlic-Carolina Reaper, by Torchbearer Sauces

This sauce really brings the heat on the Scoville scale. The two main ingredients are Carolina Reaper pepper and garlic, but it has an oil base that gives it a creamy texture. Try using this sauce in a marinade for chicken or salmon, or add it to a sandwich.

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