Rosé With a Scratch-N-Sniff Label Is Nothing to Raise Your Nose At

Its label smells like watermelon, which is what its name means in Italian and a flavor it is said to evoke.

Gimmick aside, it has notes of watermelon, honeysuckle and rhubarb and solid customer ratings.

A wine’s "nose" is important, sure, but one brand of rosé might be taking the whole smell thing a tad too far. Or who knows? Maybe it’s just what some rosé drinkers are looking for.

Cocomero, a rosé from California, features a bottle label that is not only fruity-cute in its design, but releases a puff of scent when you scratch it.

Yes, it’s a rosé with a scratch-n-sniff label. And because Cocomero means watermelon in Italian that’s the smell you’ll get when you sniff it.

Winc, a winery and membership-based delivery service founded on the idea "that wine should be more accessible," is selling the wine – its first with a scratch-n-sniff label – for $15 per bottle. The company describes a "Refreshing, Bright, Crowd Pleaser": "light" and "dry" with "tasting notes of honeysuckle, rhubarb, watermelon." It recommends serving the wine chilled and paired with shellfish, sushi or frut.

"Light-bodied and dry, yet bursting with watermelon flavor, this wine is the perfect pairing for a warm afternoon," Winc trumpets. "And the fun starts before you even open the bottle – this wine has our first ever scratch-n-sniff label! Just smelling the fragrant watermelon will make you want to pop open the bottle immediately!"

The wine has an average rating of 3.7 out of four stars, based on 21 customer reviews, which is maybe better than you’d imagine for a rosé with a labeling gimmick reminds you of elementary school. (Nothing to sniff at!) But then, really, what is pink wine if not ripe for a little whimsical packaging?

Photo courtesy of Cocomero

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