Nutella Is Looking for 60 Taste Testers

No fancy credentials or experience necessary, people.

Here’s a dream job you probably never even dreamed would be an option: a Nutella taste tester.


Nutella parent company Ferrero has apparently let it be known that it would like to hire about 60 people – “non-professionals,” specifically – to fill the roles of “sensory judges,” European news site The Local reports.

The 60 taste testers – who will taste the ingredients, like cocoa and hazelnuts, used to make Nutella -- will work just two days per week at Ferrero’s headquarters in Alba, Italy, according to a job posting on Openjobmetis on behalf of Ferrero research and development company Soremartec Italia srl and originally reported by La Repubblica – so it doesn’t sound too strenuous. In fact, The Local reports, the ad specifically stipulates that it’s possible to do the part-time job even as you work another gig.

A lack of known allergies and the ability to work on a computer are required for the job, but no other experience is necessary. In fact, the most suitable candidates will just be regular folk and have no background in nutrition or food science, according to La Repubblica.

The 60 candidates selected will embark on a three-month training period on September 30 in order to tune into their senses of taste and smell and learn acquire the vocabulary to describe what they are tasting and smelling. From the original 60 candidates, 40 will be selected and divided into two tasting panels of 20 each.

And you thought your love for Nutella wouldn’t get you anywhere …

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