Best Buys for a Day at the Beach or Park

Planning ahead is key when packing food for a day outdoors that’s as economical as it is efficient. The meal should travel well and not depend on a table setting. Food left over at the end of the day is likely to be trashed, so no need to pack more than what’s necessary (kid snacks, water, etc.).

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Whole-grain ones, at that. Skip dips and messy flavored options to keep things simple and tidy.


The preservatives and acid in store-bought mayonnaise destroy bacteria, keeping foods fresher for longer. Use as a binder, like in a tuna or egg salad, and thinly spread on sandwiches to prevent bread from getting soggy.

Hot Dog Buns

A partially split hot dog bun works as a vessel for most any combination of sandwich fixings and, if left attached, protects the filling.


A self-contained dessert that travels well and needs no refrigeration.