Food Network Kitchen and Sur La Table Partner Up for Cooking Classes Unlike Any Others

Soon you'll be able to take Food Network Kitchen classes at Sur La Table stores – or stream them in the app!

February 19, 2020

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When Food Network Kitchen launched last October, we were so excited to interact with home cooks in ways we never have before. The Food Network Kitchen app hosts dozens of live cooking classes each week, and we invite you to cook along with us, learn new techniques, get tips for saving time and money in the kitchen — and, the best part, ask ALL your questions! Chefs field questions during the classes, and we’ve got a roster of culinary experts on the app ready to respond to any other burning queries or comments. We love hearing your questions and celebrating your cooking triumphs!

So today Food Network Kitchen is pleased to announce another new initiative that will make this connection to home cooks even stronger — a partnership with Sur La Table. A trusted stalwart in the culinary industry, Sur La Table is known not just for their expert selection in cookware and cooking tools, but also for their in-store cooking school program; Sur La Table offers classes at 85 of their 130 stores located nationwide. And that’s where Food Network Kitchen comes in — the two brands will launch cooking classes that you can stream live on Food Network Kitchen, or take in-person at Sur La Table stores! It’s the most immersive experience Food Network has ever offered — we’ll truly be wherever you are, ready to solve your seasonal cooking troubles, offer advice on honing your skills, and presenting fun recipe ideas that you can try with first-in-class experts right at your side!

Plus, you'll get perks: In-store and online Sur La Table customers will receive a six-month subscription to Food Network Kitchen with any purchase over $50. Six-month subscriptions will also be provided to all Sur La Table cooking class students and Sur La Table Perks members. And Food Network Kitchen subscribers will be offered discounts on Sur La Table purchases and in-store cooking classes.

Come cook with Food Network Kitchen and Sur La Table! Look out for more news on this partnership this spring.

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