Wendy’s Chili Now Comes in a Can

So you can eat it at home as well as in restaurants.

April 27, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Wendy's

Photo courtesy of Wendy's

If you’ve ever been at a Wendy’s eating the chain’s homestyle chili and thought to yourself, “Gosh, I’d love to eat this at home any time I wanted” — now you can. The fast-food chain has teamed up with Conagra Brands to can its signature chili and bring it to grocery stores nationwide.

Wendy’s chili has been on the chain’s menus since it launched in 1969. Originally launched as another way — aside from hamburgers — for Wendy’s to use its fresh, all-natural (“minimally processed” with “no artificial ingredients”) beef, the chili also features a hearty mix of peppers, chili beans and savory spices in a tomato-based sauce. The new grocery-store iteration packs in 29 grams of protein per can.

Carl Loredo, Wendy’s global chief marketing officer, says the company was thrilled to partner with Conagra to broaden the popular menu item’s availability beyond the chain’s restaurants and into people’s homes. “When the Wendy’s chili craving hits, you now have two delicious ways to get your fix – at retail stores or in our restaurants,” he says in a press statement.

“We worked closely with Wendy’s culinary team to ensure we brought through the indulgent flavors and delicious ingredients of the Chili that has been a long-time staple on the Wendy’s menu,” adds Juliette van de Walle, prepared chili brand lead at Conagra Brands.

You can find Wendy’s Chili with Beans in the chili section of grocery stores and mass retailers and at select online retailers for a suggested retail price of $4.99 per can this spring. Now if only they could can a Frosty …

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