10 Things to Make with Summer Peaches Before It's Too Late



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Con Poulos

You can pretty much bank on many of your favorite veggies being available in the supermarket year-round. No matter their true season, a sturdy stalk of broccoli, leafy lettuces and even once-just-for-fall apples will still line the shelves. But the same simply doesn’t go for peaches. Right up there with tomatoes, these fuzzy, juice-loaded gems are nearly impossible to get your hands on at any other time of year — at least if we’re talking good ones. Now that they’re ripe for the picking, these are the 10 recipes you should make with them — before it’s too late.

Hey, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake can’t have all the fun. This peachy number leaves the oven with slices that are caramelized and oh-so-sweet.

There’s nothing like the smell of warm peach cake in the house. Peel, pit and slice the juicy summer beauties before nestling them in a thick, sour cream-spiked batter. Strewn with cinnamon sugar and topped with crunchy chopped pecans, this rustic cake is best served warm.

When summer gives you peaches, make peach cobbler — and make it with bourbon. Tyler’s warm and homey creation, made in a cast-iron skillet, calls for eight juicy-ripe peaches and leaves the oven hot and bubbling with a golden, puffy topping.

Beat the late-summer heat with a full pitcher of this refreshing swig, which gets a distinctively charred sweetness from just one grilled peach.

You may have guzzled your fair share of bubbly, brunch-time Bellinis over the years, but have you had one like Ina’s? Her from-scratch recipe trades store-bought peach juice for the real thing by using fresh peaches blended in a food processor. Mixed with cold and bubbly Prosecco, they become the best Bellini you’ve ever had.

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Spicy Peach Glaze; Bobby Flay

Photo by: Tara Donne

Tara Donne

Baste juicy grilled chicken with an easy-to-make peach glaze — made with peach preserves, chopped jalapeno, garlic, Dijon mustard and soy sauce — to give the charred chicken a spicy-sweet edge. Pair the dish with fresh peach halves, which are brushed with more of the glaze and grilled until soft.

Savor peaches in their natural form by simply halving them, getting them on the grill and then basting with a delectable cinnamon-sugar butter.

Food Network Kitchen’s Grilled Peach and Corn Salad.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©Copyright 2015

Matt Armendariz, Copyright 2015

A salad is never boring when peaches are involved. Top your next salad with grilled peaches and corn for a juicy-fresh surge of late-summer sweetness.

Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce

Bake peach slices into The Pioneer Woman’s sweet, crumb-topped dessert favorite, which is finished with a delectable drizzle of maple cream sauce in the final moments.



Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin ,Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin

Photo by: Antonis Achilleos

Antonis Achilleos

If you’re a sucker for a good BLT, this peach-packed assembly will likely win you over too. Layers of peach slices, thick-cut bacon, arugula and a good smearing of mayo result in a toasty union that’s sweet, salty and smoky all at once.

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