3 Brownie Recipes to Make Your Valentine Swoon

Thanks to these go-to recipes, brownie lovers of all kinds can enjoy the decadent flavor of a chocolate dessert.

Fudgy, cakey and chewy brownies, as seen on Food Network’s The Kitchen.

Photo by: David Katz

David Katz

Valentine's Day is just days away, and if you're suddenly experiencing an uh-oh moment at that realization, we have just the advice for you. It's surely not too late to pick up a bottle of Champagne for you and your bae to share, but if you want to up the romantic ante this year, look no further than a decadent dessert of chocolate. Brownies are a tried-and-true classic, as they're easy to make and loaded with rich chocolatey flavor. But they're also somewhat divisive. If you're a brownie fanatic, you'll likely land in one of three camps when it comes to preferred brownie texture — chewy, cakey and fudgy — and it's not likely you can be convinced that another one is better. And that's OK, because on this morning's all-new episode of The Kitchen, the co-hosts introduced a trio of recipes for brownie lovers of all kinds. Read on below to learn tips for turning out chewy, cakey and fudgy brownies, then check out all of the chocolate-focused recipes from the show.

As Jeff Mauro explained today, it's all about balancing key wet and dry ingredients — "fat and flour," he noted — when baking chewy brownies. A combination of whole eggs, egg yolks, butter and oil is offset by a generous scoop of flour, so that after baking, you turn out that craveable balance of bite and give.

A tad drier than chewy or fudgy brownies, these cakey beauties boast a texture similar to cake. They come together with traditional cake ingredients like baking soda and baking powder, which cause the brownies to rise a bit. As Katie Lee mentioned, it's important to cream the butter with the sugar instead of melting it; that's just how you would start the process for baking a cake too, she noted.

These sweet-tooth-satisfying brownies are made with more butter and less flour than their cakey and chewy counterparts, because, as Sunny Anderson said, "What makes a brownie fudgy is it has more [of a] fat-to-dry ratio." Ultimately, this results in the decidedly fudge-like center you know and love. But like chewy brownies, these are laced with equal parts of brown and granulated sugar, and they're also studded with chocolate chips for over-the-top indulgence.

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