You're Going to Love These Chocolate-Cheese Pairings

Treat your valentine to a sweet-and-savory snack.

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The first thing to remember is that nutty cheese pairs well with nutty. We love the flavor of manchego, the semi-soft and slightly aged cheese from Spain. The aging gives the cheese its "nutty" flavor. In Spain, Marcona almonds and manchego cheese are a common pairing. For that reason, we think it pairs well with chocolate that contains almonds or other nuts. We paired ours with almond milk chocolate.

Our next paring tip: Mild pairs wild! That's why we love the combo of white chocolate and wasabi Cheddar cheese. White chocolate is soft, creamy, sweet and mild, so it's best when paired with a cheese that packs a punch. Many cheese makers are adding the bold flavor of wasabi to Cheddar to give it a wallop of flavor and a horseradish-y zing. The spiciness of wasabi in sharp Cheddar gets cooled down by the smoothness of the white chocolate, creating an amazing and unique combination on any cheeseboard.

Finally, creamy chocolate pairs well with creamy cheese. For that reason, milk chocolate and Brie cheese are a match! Milk chocolate melts easily in your mouth and so does Brie. We love Brie cheese for its soft, luscious texture and buttery flavor. It complements the smooth silkiness of milk chocolate for a perfect finish.

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