Cheese Melting 101

Geoffrey Zakarian shares his top picks for gooey soups, sandwiches and more.

Gooey, melty cheese is the most crave-worthy part of many comfort food classics, but it's hard to know which cheeses are fit for the job. Geoffrey Zakarian has the dish on the best melting cheeses.


Swiss, also known as Emmentaler, is known for its "holey" appearance. It has a mild nutty flavor and soft texture. It's GZ's top pick for fondue, grilled cheese and casseroles like mac and cheese.


Gruyere is a high-moisture, young cheese. It's slightly stronger than Swiss and tastes sweet, salty, nutty and creamy. It's perfect to top French onion soup, melt into scalloped potatoes or add to brunch dishes like quiche or omelets.


Raclette is all the rage lately as an Instagram-worthy melting cheese. It is traditionally heated under a grill and scraped onto potatoes or other veggies. It has a strong aroma and fruity, slightly acidic and aromatic flavor. Try adding it to your grilled cheese or mac and cheese for a funky tang.

Try any of these cheeses melted over baguette with sliced pear and candied pecans for a perfect appetizer bite!

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