You Should Be Melting Chocolate In Your Instant Pot

Why didn't we think of this earlier?

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January 10, 2020
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Photo by: Kathryn Harris/ 4Goodnesscake

Kathryn Harris/ 4Goodnesscake

We've come across lots of Instant Pot hacks, and many — like making a large loaf of eggs or pureeing a mini pumpkin — have shocked us at how well they work. Occassionally, these hacks seem so obvious that we can't believe we didn't think of it sooner. Like using an Instant Pot as a double-boiler to melt chocolate.

I found this hack on the Instant Pot Community Facebook page (obviously!), and decided to test it out for my friend's birthday. I have a pretty small New York City kitchen, so having the option to bring my heat source away from the stove and onto the kitchen table was way more convenient.

Following the directions of the Instant Pot Community members, I started by adding two cups of water to the Instant Pot and and turned the sauté function to high. Once the water is was boiling, I adjusted the sauté setting to low to keep the water at a steady simmer. Next, I placed a glass bowl (some community members use stainless steel) on top of the Instant Pot. You'll want to select one that is just large enough so it doesn't fall into the pot but small enough to hang right over the water. This will vary depending on what size Instant Pot you have. Once the bowl was secure, I added in chocolate chips and waited for them to melt, stirring occasionally.

It took minutes for me to get a melty pool of chocolate, and it remained that way while I spent the next 30 minutes dipping pretzel sticks into it. Overall, I it was a delicious success (my friend and her birthday party guests agreed!). Having the flexibility to move your heat source is invaluable in the kitchen, and this trick does just that.

Next time we're trapped at home on a snowy winter day, we can't wait to whip out the Instant Pot for a makeshift fondue pot.

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