Valentine's Day Crafts

The Kitchen has 3 adorable and easy Valentine craft ideas that are sure to make your sweetie swoon. Try making one or all of them, because each one is "punnier" than the next.

Episode: Sweet Surprises

Sunny Anderson makes a Valentine's Day craft using jelly beans, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Bean Craft:

Making this bean Valentine craft is super easy and a terrific way to upcycle your small bean or vegetable cans (8.5 ounces). Wash them out and remove the labels. If the inner edge of the can is a little sharp or rough, use a small square of sandpaper to smooth things out. Fill cellophane bags (available at party or craft stores) with jelly beans or chocolate-covered espresso beans, making sure not to overfill them.

When you're ready to assemble, print out "Where Have You 'Bean' All My Life" labels onto sticker paper using a color printer. You can use regular paper if you don't have the sticky kind; just make sure you have a roll of double-sided tape handy to secure the labels to the cans. Cut out the labels and attach them to the clean cans. Finally, insert the bean bags upside down and wait for the "Awww."

Jeff Mauro makes a Valentine's Day craft using oranges, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Orange Craft:

This one is sure to win their hearts. It's also a great healthy Valentine to bring to school and perfectly safe for kids with gluten and peanut allergies. Start by printing out the leaf printable sheets. There are 2 for this craft: one for the label and one that reads "Orange You Glad You're My Valentine." Fill out a "To" and "From" leaf for each special Valentine and place it on top of a message leaf. Use a knotted green bamboo toothpick to secure each set of labels to a delicious juicy orange or tangerine. Or, use one of those green frilly sandwich toothpicks.

Katie Lee makes a Valentine's Day craft using cookies decorated like pizza, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Cookie Craft:

This message is from the heart. Transform store-bought plain round sugar cookies into adorable Valentine's Day treats. And if you really want to win them over, bake them yourself. Print out the "You've Got a Pizza My Heart" labels onto sticker paper and cut out each one. Next, draw a circle on each undecorated sugar cookie with red royal icing, leaving a border for the "crust." Use homemade royal icing or purchase the tubes at your local craft store. Fill in the red circles with white icing to create the "cheese." Sprinkle on a few green sprinkles as "basil" and red candy hearts as "pepperoni."

To deliver your special message, order mini pizza boxes online (approximately 3 1/2-inch square boxes). Print out the pizza box labels and affix the message to the inside lids. Affix the "To" and "From" labels to the outside top of the boxes. When the frosting is dry, place a cookie inside each box, seal it with a kiss and present it to the ones who have your heart!

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