Wine Bottle Crafts

Stop wine-ing! There are many things you can do with your wine bottles after you've finished the wine. Here are a couple we came up with:
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Cork Magnets:

Slice corks in half lengthwise with a paring knife and add magnets to each back with a glue gun.

Cork Table Cards:

Slice corks in half lengthwise, then add a slit to the rounded side of each with a paring knife. Insert a table name card in each slit.

Cruets or Soap Dispensers:

Soak empty wine bottles in some warm water with baking soda for about 30 minutes, then wipe the labels off with a rag. Repeat until the bottles are clean. Add olive oil, vinegar or soap to each bottle and finish with tops from a craft store (make sure the ones you buy fit your bottles).

Party Platters:

Use platters that have a hole in the middle (these can be found at most party stores) or trays/plates that have an opening in the center to carry a beer; you will need 2 plates or platters for each bottle.  Place the bottom of a wine bottle through the middle opening of one platter, then place the second platter through the top of the wine bottle. This will create a two-tiered platter for appetizers or desserts. Add flowers to the middle of the wine bottle for extra pop!

Candle Holders:

We prefer clear bottles for this craft, but either can be used! If you have a hard time finding taper candles that fit the bottle tops, turn the candles upside down and cut off the bottoms. Then burn down the tops with a match until the wicks come through.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch:

You'll need to travel to the hardware store for this craft! You will need:

- gravel 

- tiki torch fuel

- a reducer coupling/fitting reducer (usually copper or some other metal)

- electrical tape

- replacement wicks

- a broom handle (or use an old broom)

- 2 pipe clamps

Fill your wine bottle halfway with gravel (this will help displace the tiki torch fuel so you won't need as much), then add the torch fuel.

Tape the bottom of the reducer coupling with some electrical tape until it fits securely in the wine bottle top, then place inside the bottle. Insert a wick and let it soak in the lighter fluid for at least 30 minutes.

Attach the finished bottle to a broomstick with 2 pipe clamps, making sure it is tightly secured. Place the broomstick securely in the ground and light!

Please note: This craft should only be assembled and used outside! It is not safe for inside use. 

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