These Cute Cake Pops Are Missing From Your Game-Day Snack Table

They're a win-win-win: eye-catching, easy-to-make and sure to please.

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Cooking School Curries_ Hot List and Party Opener



If you’re anything like me, you’ve got one reason (and one reason only) for spending Super Bowl Sunday in front of the television set: the food! Spicy Buffalo wings, never-ending guac, warm cheesy dip — football fans sure know how to create an all-star lineup of snacks!

The one thing that always seems to be missing from these epic spreads, though, is sweets. Sure, there’s a plate of mediocre chocolate chip cookies tucked away in the kitchen somewhere — and maybe a package of store-bought, team-color cupcakes still in their plastic container — but you never seem to find any Super Bowl desserts that are on the same level as the savory snacks. The sweets always seem to be… second string.

Until now: These football cake pops are a total game-changer.

Dipped in chocolate and decked out in white icing, these sweet, two-bite treats look just like the real deal. Add them to any Super Bowl spread and they’re sure to be the center of attention. (And, you don’t have to be a pro decorator to make them look great. The design is really doable — just a few straight lines of piped white icing will bring your mini footballs to life.)

Even better, you don’t have to bake completely from scratch unless you want to. A boxed cake mix and a can of store-bought frosting can help simplify the process and save you time.

Best of all, these cake pops are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Everyone will love them. They’re fudgy, delicious and super convenient. No plates, napkins or forks required — which means that even super fans (who are glued to the television set) can enjoy one without missing a second of the big game.

Sounds like the MVP of game-day desserts to me!

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