This Simple Hack Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Cut Jalapeños Any Other Way

Say goodbye to stray seeds!

August 12, 2020



Photo by: Marc Gutierrez/Getty

Marc Gutierrez/Getty

There are a handful of ingredients that I use almost daily during the summer, jalapeño being one of them. From pickled rounds for burgers and tacos to teeny-tiny diced pieces for dips, salsas and guac, jalapeños are almost always a part of my ingredient prep.

You would think, given the number of jalapeños I’ve sliced and diced, that I would have a handy trick for making quick and easy work of the peppers — to keep all those pesky seeds in one neat pile on the cutting board. But, until recently, I was making just as big a mess as everybody else. No matter how gently I scraped at a halved jalapeño with a spoon or how carefully I tried to cut the seeds away with a knife, I would send them flying across the kitchen.

But now, thanks to Carla Hall and her Watermelon Plates class on the Food Network Kitchen app, I realize there’s a better way. Carla makes two different toppings for her edible watermelon plates in this class, one of which includes jalapeños. When it comes time for her to dice the pepper she shares this genius trick: Trim both ends of the jalapeño — so that you can stand the pepper upright on your cutting board and clearly see the white core in the middle. Then, simply run your knife from top to bottom, cutting strips of jalapeño pepper while keeping the core intact. When you’re done the core will be in one piece — with all the seeds trapped inside. Talk about an ah-ha moment!

Best of all, that’s only one of the useful tricks that Carla shares in her video. She shows you how to cube an entire bowlful of watermelon with just a few cuts of the knife, how to slice a lime so that it’s easier to squeeze the juice out and more. Whether you want to make her edible watermelon plates or just want to learn a few new tricks for cutting summer produce and herbs, this class is a must-watch — full of advice you’ll use again and again.

Want even more cooking tips and techniques? Sign up for the Food Network Kitchen app and you can access on-demand classes from all your favorite chefs.

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